Evening Coordinator Associate II
F. Douglas Bell Shelving Associate and Repository Coordinator Main Library fdbell@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Scott Blackwell Carnegie Library Coordinator Carnegie Library Learning Center
Carnegie Library
sblackwe@uga.edu 706.713.2724
Stephanie Blair Circulation Desk Assistant III Science Library sablair@uga.edu 706-542-4535
David Bowles Stack Supervisor Associate I Shelving
Science Library
dayvidsc@uga.edu 706.542.6651
Emily Cara Evening Coordinator Associate II Main Library emily.cara@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Rashaun Ellis Circulation/Reserves Desk Assistant Main Library rashaun@uga.edu 706.542.3256
John Hammes Shelving Assistant Shelving
Science Library
jhammes@uga.edu 706.542.6651
Stacy Harvey Shelving Associate Shelving
Main Library
snharvey@uga.edu 706.542.0638
Jermaine King Media Desk Supervisor Media Desk
Main Library
king@uga.edu 706.542.7360
Benjamin Lawrence Public Services/Reserves Coordinator Associate III Desk & Reserves
Main Library
bwl91@uga.edu 706.542.2081
Haley Luther Access Services Office Assistant Main Library hel29239@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Hollis McMasters Evening and Weeekend Coordinator - Associate I Science Library hollis.mcmasters@uga.edu 706.542.4535
Daron Mitchell Circulation Services Manager Main Office
Main Library
dmitchel@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Jeff Nolte Temporary UGA-GoogleBooks Project Access Services Associate II Main Library jeffreyn@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Mary Poland Assistant Department Head Main Library mwpoland@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Matthew Pulver Evening and Weekend Associate I Desk & Reserves
Science Library
pulver93@uga.edu 706.542.4535
Michael Richmond Media and Archives Assistant Media Desk
Main Library
mbr@uga.edu 706.542.7360
Brenda Robbins Science Reserve Associate I Desk & Reserves
Science Library
bbrad@uga.edu 706.542.0701
Whitney Robinson Access Services Office Assistant Main Library wlw46888@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Byron Smith Science Library Circulation Associate III Desk & Reserves
Science Library
skepticx@uga.edu 706.542.4535
Viki Timian Department Head Main Library vtimian@uga.edu 706.542.3256
Ryan Vogel Circulation/Reserves Desk and Interlibrary Loan Assistant Desk & Reserves
Science Library
rvog83@uga.edu 706.542.4535