Lost or Damaged Books

Patrons are financially responsible for damages that occur while library materials are in the patrons' possession. If library materials are lost, the patron is responsible for the cost of replacement.

Damaged Books -  If a book is returned damaged, the borrower will be charged for repairs to or, if necessary, replacement of the book. If a book cannot be repaired, the borrower will be charged the replacement cost for the book and other fines, if applicable. When a book is out of print, the borrower will be assessed costs for replacing the item with a similar title on the subject, except in cases where the item may be available through rare book dealers.

Damage includes, but is not limited to, marks caused by pen, pencil, highlighter, food, liquids, tearing, cutting, pets or by exposure to heat or dirt.

Lost Books - Books are considered "Lost" when they are 56 days overdue. The borrower will be charged for the cost of a replacement copy, and any other fines/fees, if applicable. The replacement cost of the book is refundable within two years of the date paid. 

Patrons may purchase replacement copies in lieu of paying the cost of replacement. Contact the Access Services department in advance of any replacement purchase. The replacement copy must meet the following criteria:

  • same edition
  • same ISBN number
  • same publisher
  • same publication year
  • same or very similar number of pages including any maps, illustrations, etc.
  • new or very good condition (no markings, highlighting, tears, loose pages, broken end sheets, stains, mold, etc.)

There is a risk that replacement copies might be rejected by the bibliographer. If the replacement copy is rejected by the bibliographer, the patron will be charged the price of the book and any other applicable fines/fees.

If the replacement copy is accepted by the bibliographer, there are no additional replacement charges. The patron would still be responsible for any applicable fines/fees. There are no refunds for replacement copies. The replacement copy becomes the property of the University of Georgia Libraries.

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