In order for program participants to receive borrowing privileges from the UGA Libraries, the program must agree to the following: 

  • each participant must be responsible for his/her own borrowing activities, the program will assist the UGA Libraries with any problems that might occur as a result of  borrowing privileges being extended. 
  • if it should become necessary, the program will reimburse the UGA Libraries, at the rate set by the Libraries, for any material that is lost or damaged by any of the program participants    
  • failure to comply with this agreement may result in borrowing privileges being rescinded for all current program participants and borrowing privileges not being extended to future program participants

**Before borrowing privileges can be granted a “Statement of Responsibility for Special Programs” form must be completed**

This form is available from the Circulation Office in the Main Library. Program sponsors should contact the Circulation Office at 706.542.3256 or

The form must include complete names, local mailing addresses and UGA ID numbers for all participants.  Please return the completed form and the list of participants to the Circulation Office in the Main Library as soon as possible to allow for adequate processing time.

The form can be brought to the Circulation Office in the Main Library between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday or it can be faxed to 706-583-8300 at the programs earliest convenience.

Without the proper, completed paperwork the Access Services Department  will not extend borrowing privileges to participants in the program.

NOTE:  Participants can submit the “Responsibility Voucher for Faculty/Staff Visitors” form if their name is not on the list.