Foreign and International Government Documents

Foreign DocsThe UGA Libraries’ collection contains documents published by many different foreign governments and intergovernmental organizations. Many of these are stored in the Libraries’ Repository and may be requested via the Libraries’ Catalog.  

Foreign government collections include:

  • British Parliamentary Papers 
  • Government of Canada Publications 
  • Other selected foreign government publications are located at the Libraries' Repository and may be located by searching the Libraries’ catalog or the documents shelf list with staff assistance.
  • Selected official documents of other foreign governments are available in microfilm. Search the Libraries’ catalog for location information.  


Intergovernmental organization (IGO) collections include:  

  • United Nations (UN) 
    • Official Documents System of the UN contains UN documents published from 1993 to the present, along with select documents published between 1946 and 1993. 
    • The United Nations Treaty Collection includes all treaties and international agreements “registered or filed and recorded by the Secretariat since 1945.” 
    • UN iLibrary (UGA login required off-campus) provides access to United Nations publications on a broad range of social and economic topics, covering more than 175 countries. 
    • Print publications are shelved in the Map and Government Information Library using the UN Series Symbol. 
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 
    • Shelved in the Main Library 
    • OECD iLibrary (UGA login required off-campus) provides full-text access to OECD publications from 1998 to the present.  
    • Publications from other IGOs (Food and Agriculture Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, etc.) are shelved in the Main Library and may be found by searching the Libraries’ catalog.  


Some subject guides also provide access to international government information, including British Parliamentary Papers and Other British Government Documents, Foreign and International Government Information, and International Trade Statistics.