1.) What type of research is accepted? 

All undergraduates doing research at UGA can apply.  This includes, but is not limited to: research papers, projects for classes, or research conducted as part of internships. Research must utilize UGA Libraries resources in some way to be considered for the award.

2.) How much money is in an award?


3.) I did the research in a previous semester. Can I apply for the award? 

Research must occur no later than the previous Spring semester. For example, if you are applying for the Spring 2024 award, your research must be from Spring 2023 at the earliest. Students who graduated in spring 2023 cannot apply.

4.) I graduated in the Fall.  Can I submit my research? 

No. Applicants must currently be enrolled as an undergraduate student at UGA. 

5.) Does my research project have to be completed? 

No. In-process research projects can be submitted for consideration.

6) Do I have to be in the Honors Program to participate? 

No. Winners are announced at the annual CURO Symposium, but non-Honors students are encouraged to apply.

7.) Can I submit more than one application a year?

Yes! You can submit multiple applications in a single year. Each application must cover a different research project, including different essays and consultations with a subject specialist librarian.

8) I won an award last year, can I submit again this year?

Yes! Your application must cover a different project than your winning project from the previous year, including a different essay and consultation with a subject specialist librarian.