We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 UGA Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards! All our applicants provided us with insights into their research process, describing impressively creative and sophisticated projects which demonstrate both a commitment to high standards for their academic work and their passion for research. 

2021 Winners

Senior Division 

First Place

Sofia Metzler Concepción, "The Influence and Function of Food-Associated Vocalizations in Western Lowland Gorillas"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Roberta Salmi, Anthropology
Librarian Mentor: Diana Hartle

Runners Up

Meghan Gerig, "Ethiopians in Ancient Art: An Analysis of Exoticism through Dark Colored Marble"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Abbe, Art History
Librarian Mentor: Emily Luken

Anna Hutchins, "Standing out or Fitting in: Exploring How and When Substance Abuse Counselors’ Personal Recovery Status Impacts Burnout"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lillian Eby, Psychology
Librarian Mentor: Sandra Riggs

1st-3rd Year Division 

First Place

Sidney Speir, "Expansion of Known Ringtail (Bassariscus Astutus) Diet within Zion National Park"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sonia Altizer, Ecology
Librarian Mentor: Kelsey Forester

Runner Up

Leah Whitmoyer, "Intimate Partner Violence in the Textile Industry: An Analysis on the Relationship between Employment and Intimate Partner Violence in Ten Countries"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ellen McCullough, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Librarian Mentor: Kelsey Forester

Jurors' Choice Award

Kayla Costin, "An Investigation into the Welfare and Environmental Impacts of Equine Track Systems"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kylee Duberstein, Animal and Dairy Science
Librarian Mentor: Kelsey Forester

Special Award

Ayah Abdelwahab, "Friends or Foes: An Analysis of Individuals Sanctioned Under the Global Magnitsky Act"
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Maryann Gallagher, Public and International Affairs
Librarian Mentor:  Elizabeth White

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