We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 UGA Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards! Our applicants provided us with insights into their research process, describing impressively creative and sophisticated projects which demonstrated both a commitment to high standards for their academic work and their passion for research. 

2023 Winners

Vanshika Singisetti, 1st place Senior award, for research on “Testing the Effects of Bisphenol Exposure on Meiotic Spindle Organization in Control and Pericentrin-depleted Oocytes.”  The judges were impressed by their exhaustive literature review, and how they incorporated their meeting with Diana Hartle into the research.


Yeongseo Son, 1st place 1st-3rd Year award, for research on “Inhibition of Neutrophil Elastase by the Bacterial Protease Inhibitor Ecotin.”   Not only did she do an exhaustive literature review, Yeongseo was eager to show the “human side” of Cystic Fibrosis, and she utilized resources from the Brown Media Archives and other media databases in her paper as well.  Ian Thomas was her Librarian, and it was her initial meeting with him which helped give her the confidence to take her research paper in a different direction.


Kiana Bussa, Honorable mention, for research on “United Nations Human Rights Council Membership and Domestic Respect for Human Rights”.  Kiana utilized a wide swath of Libraries’ resources, including specialized databases for legal research and UN documents.  Her exhaustive literature review has given her a firm foundation for a planned data analysis project.  Elizabeth White was her Librarian.


Erin O’Keefe, Honorable mention for research on “The Sentimental Side of Mary Wollstonecraft: Her Painful, Pleasurable, and Eternal Sublime.”  The judges were impressed by her engaging essay, and how she incorporated Kristin Nielsen’s research help into her process.  She delved deep into our extensive print resources on her topic, and the resulting essay made the judges want to delve into this research, too!


Jacob Reinhart, Juror’s Choice award, for research on “Triboelectric Edge Computing Sensors and their Application in the IS Supply Chain.”  Jacob’s paper detailed how he used Libraries’ resources to learn about a specific type of computing component, do a patent search (and use our patent resources to help him develop the patent for his device), and to find examples of Engineering conference papers after he was invited to present about his device at a conference.  A fresh departure from the normal literature reviews, the judges were impressed by how he utilized Libraries’ resources at all levels of his project.  His Librarian was Colleen Gardina.


Vybhavi Kotireddy, one time award for Most Promising 1st Year Research, on “Social Polarization and Parent Support for Child Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health.”  The judges were impressed by the sophistication of her research from her 1st year at UGA.  After meeting with Jessica Varga, she incorporated resources from outside of Public Health, developing a truly inter-disciplinary project. 


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