We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 UGA Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards! Our applicants provided us with insights into their research process, describing impressively creative and sophisticated projects which demonstrated both a commitment to high standards for their academic work and their passion for research. 

1st Place:  Sara Logsdon, “On the Group Structure of Conic Sections and Elliptic Curves.”  Faculty Mentor:  Jimmy Dillies.  Librarian Mentor:  Cynthia Prosser


Honorable Mention:  Savannah Chruszcz, “Researching the Georgia Museum of Natural History.”  Faculty Mentor:  Suzanne Birch.  Librarian Mentor:  Elizabeth White


Honorable Mention:  Paige Sobczak, “The Role of Rab12 in Primary Ciliogenesis in Astrocytes and Neuronal Cells.”  Faculty Mentor:  Hui Zhang.  Librarian Mentor:  Diana Hartle


Juror’s Choice:  Shriya Rasale, “Race-Gendered Intersectionality of Black Undergraduate Women in Computing (BUWC):  Preliminary Scale Development and Validation.”  Faculty Mentor:  Krystal Williams.  Librarian Mentor:  Amber Prentiss


Most Promising 1st Year Research:  Hannah Bowen, “Drug Discovery for Multiple Hereditary Exostoses.”  Faculty Mentor:  Ryan Weiss.  Librarian Mentor:  Holly McMasters


One Time Special Award for Extensive Use of Library expertise:  Alimata Bah, “The Rise of Coups in West/Central Africa and Human Rights.”  Faculty Mentor:  Chad Clay.  Librarian: Mentor:  Elizabeth White