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The Importance of Records Management

As told by the Georgia State Archives web page, the overall goal of a records management program is to provide the right information, at the right time, in the right order, to the right person, at the lowest possible cost. Such a goal demands a total organization approach towards records management, incorporating all records in all storage media. The objectives that must be accomplished to achieve the goal include:

  • The satisfaction of records creation requirements as stated in both the federal and state statutes, rules, regulations, and in professional practice.

  • The maintenance of records for an appropriate length of time as determined by the administrative, fiscal, and legal needs of the institution, by the laws, rules, and regulations of government, and as approved by the State Records Committee.

  • The reduction of direct and indirect costs of records storage and management by the effective use of technology and off-site storage options.

  • The preservation of those historical records that document institution decision- making over time and that provide the history of the institution and the state.

  • The documentation of the institution's actions for the purposes of accounting to the public.