UGA Records Management Program

The UGA Records Management program advises University offices on the management of their records, offers storage for items that must be retained, and provides secure destruction of sensitive campus records.

All records generated by staff and faculty of the University of Georgia in pursuit of University business are the property of the citizens of the State of Georgia and, as such, must be managed in compliance with the Georgia Records Act and the Georgia Open Records Act, as well as federal legal requirements. The Georgia Board of Regents Records Retention Guidelines are a list of legal and procedural guidelines that must be followed. Please see our FAQ about retention standards on our Retention Schedules page.

To take advantage of the UGA Records Center services, please see our requirements on how to have records storeddestroyed and/or retrieved.

While it is legal to destroy some documents after a specified period, many records are designated for transfer to University Archives for permanent preservation. In such cases the Records Management program serves as the natural bridge into the University Archives program.

Student transcripts are handled through the Registrar's office.