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Requesting Access to Records

After your records are sent to the Records Center, we label the boxes with location information by computer and tuck it safely into our warehouse.

To retrieve one of your files please feel free to use one of the following:

  • Fill out our File Retrieval Form

  • Call 706-369-5926

  • Fax 706-227-5335

  • or E-mail us:

We will need this information in order to retrieve the file:

  • Person requesting file

  • Department name

  • Contact phone number or email

  • File name

  • Control number & Box number

Requester will receive records by:

  • Requester pick up

  • Campus mail


Requests for Access from Researchers

The Division of Marketing & Communications has been assigned the responsibility of the Georgia Open Records Act. As a state agency, UGA falls under Georgia's open records law and most UGA records, with a few exceptions, are public information. Requests for records most commonly come from news media representatives, but can be made by any individual or organization. Researchers will contact the Division of Marketing & Communications at the University of Georgia for written authorization to access records. Requests need to include type of research and file series to be referenced.

When a UGA unit receives a request for access to records, the Division of Marketing & Communications will work with the unit head to determine which records are covered by the law. The university must make an initial response to any request for information within three business days, so it is essential that all requests be forwarded immediately to the Division of Marketing & Communications.

For more information on the inspection of Public Records see: