Requesting Equipment

See our Equipment List for equipment on offer as well as links to check availability and request items using Gil-Find.

No reservations. We cannot guarantee availability on a specific date or at a specific time. Requests are first come, first serve.

Equipment will be held for 24 hours after email notification is sent. Your request will be canceled beyond this interval if the held item can fulfill a request for another patron. If the hold window has passed, please sign in to your library account with your MyID and view "Requests" to check on the status before coming to pick up.

If you need to borrow a laptop and don't have a preferred operating system (Windows or Mac), you can place a request for one of each type. When one of the two requests is filled, please cancel the other request as a courtesy to other students.

You cannot place requests for two of the same item. If you need to borrow multiple pieces of the same type of equipment at the same time, please submit a question with more information about your need. We will consider exceptions on a case by case basis depending on current availability.

Beyond the Miller Learning Center

In addition to tech lending available at the Miller Learning Center, a variety of audio, video, and data presentation equipment can be borrowed from UGA's Center for Teaching and Learning to augment installed classroom equipment. Please visit the Center for Teaching and Learning website for information about the types of equipment available, who is eligible to check out the equipment, and options to pick up or request delivery of the equipment.