Please see reservation policies for each space for additional details, descriptions and fee schedules. 

General Classrooms

Learn about our classrooms. Submit a request through Campus Reservations.

Group Study Rooms

Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Single occupants may be asked to vacate for a larger group.

During classroom hours, instructors can reserve up to 20 of these rooms as supplemental classroom discussion breakout space. Request breakout space reservations through the Registrar's Office at or 706-542-8021.

Event Spaces

The North TowerSidney Samuel Thomas Reading Room, Head Terrace, South Plaza, Colonnade, and Frank Daley, Jr. Rotunda are reservable for special events or meetings for UGA departments and registered student organizations. See the Facility Reservation and Use Policy for guidelines, reservation procedures, and restrictions. Event Space Reservation Form.

Departmental Information Tables

Two designated table areas are available for informational/promotional purposes for UGA Departmental use only  These tables are located on the 2nd floor east side of the building, across from Jittery Joe’s. Reservations are first-come, first-served, and may be made up to 6 months in advance. A daily charge of $10.00 will apply for use of this space.  To reserve a DI Table, use our reservation form.

Project & Presentation Room (MLC 205)

When not in use by scheduled classes, classroom 205 in the Miller Learning Center may be reserved by individual or groups of students to rehearse presentations or develop group projects for their classes. Submit a request via Campus Reservations.

MLC Resources 

The MLC is able to provide a variety of different resources for events held within the building. The following is the list of resources and their quantity that the MLC can provide.  

Event tables (10) – Black, six-foot long, folding tables 

Classroom tables (10) – Brown, six-foot long, folding tables 

Round tables (7) – cream color, five-foot wide, folding tables 

Chairs (40) – Black, non-foldable chairs 

Easels (10) – Black/silver, five-foot tall, used to hold signage or posters 

Stanchions (10) – Black, four-foot height, retractable belt 

Podium (1) – Gray, four-foot height, Folding Carpeted Lectern 

Lectern with Mic (1) – Gray, carpeted, All-in-one speaker and microphone built into podium, cordless/battery powered 

Mondopad (1) – Black, 55in screen, mobile/wheeled, USB Ports, HDMI Port

If you will need access to additional AV equipment outside of what we offer, please contact MLC Center for Teaching & Learning at 706-542-3456 or visit them in MLC Room 170 to make arrangements prior to your event. For more information on what equipment and services are available please see CTL technical support is available Monday - Friday from 8am – 5pm.