The primary purpose of the building is to provide classroom, research, and study space. However, several areas in the Miller Learning Center are conducive to hosting events, such as the Frank Daniel Foley, Jr. RotundaJacqueline and John Head TerraceNorth Tower, and Sidney Samuel Thomas Reading Room. Reserve these spaces through the Miller Learning Center Event Space Reservation Form.

General classrooms are not considered event spaces and must be reserved through Campus Reservations.

University of Georgia departments and registered student organizations are eligible to reserve event spaces in the MLC. These departments and organizations are fully responsible for coordination of the event, compliance with the Facilities Reservation and Use Policy, and damage to facilities and equipment during their event.

Event space use is subject to a fee depending on the space and nature of the event. Payment can be made via speedtype, chart string, credit or debit card, check, or cash. (More payment information)

Event Space UGA Event Fee UGA-affiliated Event Fee Game Day Event Fee Description
Frank Daniel Foley, Jr. Rotunda $150 $300 $450

The Frank Daniel Foley, Jr. Rotunda contains varying sizes of large solid cherry tables and chairs, soft seating and open spaces that can accommodate a small buffet, or informal presentation space. 250 people can be accommodated in this space.

This space is most conducive to receptions or social gatherings. Please be advised that this space cannot be closed off to building patrons. This will limit the times that the space may be reserved. Exceptions may be made during low building usage times such as weekends, intersession, or summer semester.

North Tower $50 $100 $150

The North Tower is an intimate space with doors allowing privacy.

The North Tower has chairs to seat 30 with small round coffee tables or up to 50 with added seating. Two 8-foot tables and chairs are also provided. The furniture in this space can be rearranged but must be returned to its original state.

This space is most conducive to small lectures, public readings or small receptions. Discussions may not work as well due to the acoustical echo caused by the design of the tower. The room has ample electrical outlets and data ports, but because of the light levels, doesn't lend itself to projection use.

Sidney Samuel Thomas Reading Room $100 $200 $300

The Sidney Samuel Thomas Reading Room is a traditional library space with eight 10-foot, solid cherry tables, 64 leather-bottomed chairs and book-lined shelves. An additional 36 soft seats are in the room. The tables are fixed; there is minimal flexibility with the chair arrangement.

There are few electrical outlets in the room and no data ports. The room is conducive to a small lecture, reading, or possibly a small reception. It is an intimate space with doors allowing privacy.

This room is primarily intended for quiet study; therefore, it is not readily available as an event space. Exceptions may be made during low building usage times such as weekends, intersession, or summer semester.

Head Terrace $100 $200 $300

The Jacqueline and John Head Terrace is an outdoor amphitheater style space that is conducive to outdoor classroom space, lectures, readings, receptions and social gatherings.

The Head Terrace is located on the North side of the building between the Miller Learning Center and the Fine Arts Building . Due to the close proximity of this space to classrooms, research/study space, and the University Theatre, only low-level background music and speaker amplification may be allowed.

Requests for the MLC Head Terrace must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event.  Requests submitted after this time period may be declined. 

The sponsoring organization or department is required to meet with MLC staff no later than 15 days prior to the event to discuss the nature of the event and any technical/electrical requirements. If the sponsoring organization or department fails to hold this meeting, all technical/electrical access will be denied. MLC administration reserves the right to cancel any Head Terrace events that have not followed the above procedure.

South Plaza $100 $200 $300  
South Plaza Lawn $100 $200 $300  
East or West Triangle Lawn $25 $50 $100  


MLC Resources 

The MLC is able to provide a variety of different resources for events held within the building. The following is the list of resources and their quantity that the MLC can provide.  

Event tables (10) – Black, six-foot long, folding tables 

Classroom tables (10) – Brown, six-foot long, folding tables 

Round tables (7) – cream color, five-foot wide, folding tables 

Chairs (40) – Black, non-foldable chairs 

Easels (10) – Black/silver, five-foot tall, used to hold signage or posters 

Stanchions (10) – Black, four-foot height, retractable belt 

Podium (1) – Gray, four-foot height, Folding Carpeted Lectern 

Lectern with Mic (1) – Gray, carpeted, All-in-one speaker and microphone built into podium, cordless/battery powered 

Mondopad (1) – Black, 55in screen, mobile/wheeled, USB Ports, HDMI Port

If you will need access to additional AV equipment outside of what we offer, please contact MLC Center for Teaching & Learning at 706-542-3456 or visit them in MLC Room 170 to make arrangements prior to your event. For more information on what equipment and services are available please see CTL technical support is available Monday - Friday from 8am – 5pm.