Jacqueline and John Head Terrace

The Jacqueline and John Head Terrace is an outdoor amphitheater style space that is conducive to outdoor classroom space, lectures, readings, receptions and social gatherings.

The Head Terrace is located on the north side of the building between the Miller Learning Center and the Fine Arts Building. It can be accessed by the rear doors on the first floor or the second floor door in the Jittery Joe's cafe area.

Want to use the Head Terrace for an event?

Make a reservation request.

**The MLC does not provide event resources to exterior spaces. Any events held in this space will need to contact an outside vendor or FMD Support Services to arrange for resources such as tables or chairs. 

Things to take into consideration:

  • Due to the close proximity of this space to classrooms and research/study space, only low-level background music and speaker amplification may be allowed. Requests for the Head Terrace must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event. Requests submitted after this time period may be declined.
  • Due to the ever changing Georgia weather we encourage you to have an alternate location reserved incase of inclement weather for your event date.
  • Due to the multiple entrances in this area access to this area cannot be easily blocked off. 

The sponsoring organization or department is required to meet with MLC staff no later than 15 days prior to the event to discuss the nature of the event and any technical/electrical requirements. If the sponsoring organization or department fails to hold this meeting, all technical/electrical access will be denied. MLC administration reserves the right to cancel any Head Terrace events that have not followed the above procedure.