Lost & Found

Lost & Found is located at the Security Desk in room 210 near Jittery Joe's. All items found in the building are brought to this location.

Please note the retention schedule for specific items listed below:

  • Due to health and sanitation concerns, items designed to contain food or drink are kept for three days, then discarded. Items may include coffee mugs, water bottles/cups, lunchboxes, etc. We do not log these items. 
  • Other items such as books, electronics, jumpdrives, backpacks, and wallets are logged when turned in to lost and found and kept until the end of each semester. For the sake of the owner's privacy, contents of backpacks, wallets, and purses are not inventoried. Individuals must sign for items to claim them. At the end of each semester, unclaimed items are donated to charity or discarded as appropriate.
  • UGACards are not kept in Lost & Found. UGACards are picked up each day by the Bulldog Bucks Office, Room 100, University Bookstore (542-8257) where they can be claimed.

While we provide Lost & Found as a service to our patrons and hope individuals are reunited with their possessions, ultimately we are not responsible for lost personal property.