1. Remain calm.
  2. Notify Miller Learning Center Security personnel, Shannon Bennett or Erin Leach of the outage; they will attempt to determine the cause of failure and, if necessary, determine evacuation protocol.
  3. Location/use of emergency flashlights.
    • It is the responsibility of each person to know the location of these flashlights and to check them periodically to be sure they are in working order.
    • Flashlights will be housed in room number 373 of the Miller Learning Center. They should not be needed unless the generator fails to maintain the building.
  4. Provide assistance to visitors in your immediate work area.
  5. Be alert to prevent vandalism or theft during the outage.
  6. If you are in an unlighted area, proceed cautiously to an area that has emergency lighting.
  7. If you are in an elevator, remain calm. Use the emergency communication system to summon assistance.
  8. Stand by for instructions. If an evacuation of the building is ordered, use the same evacuation routes established for fire and assemble at your designated meeting area outside the building.