Each year, the Wormsloe Insititute for Environmental History and the UGA Graduate School support three Master's and/or PhD students as Wormsloe Fellows.  These are hand-picked students from a variety of disciplines whose work is designed to contribute in a meaningful way to the mission of WIEH.  Previous Wormsloe Fellows have worked on the environmental history, GIS database, archaeology, and constructed wetland design, among other topics.  The current list of Fellows includes Nancy O'Hare (Geography), Emily Cornelius (Ecology), and Wes Ryals (College of Environment and Design).

At our monthly meetings, we ask that each of the Fellows provide a written summary of their work and we that summary as a basis for discussion and interdisciplinary collaboration.


October/November 2013 Reports

Paul Cady: Cultural Landscape Report

Holly Campbell: Soil Indicators of Post Colonization Land Use Change and Vegetation Patterns at Wormsloe Historic Site, Isle of Hope

Allysa Gehman: A Climate for Castrators?

Ania Majewska : Wormsloe Butterfly Gardens (9/13/2013) (10/10/2013)

Nancy O'Hare: Why Aren’t Common Toads and Frogs Breeding in Natural Areas at Wormsloe? (9/13/2013)  (10/10/2013)

Allesandro Pasqua: The Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) to Investigate Potential Rice Cultivation on the Isle of Hope, Georgia

March 2013 Reports

Emily Cornelius: Tradeoffs in migratory songbirds; feathers as indicators of condition

Nancy O'Hare: Tidal influence and salinity of seasonal ponds; Trapping toads; Bird counts and forest metrics from LiDAR

Wes Ryals: Wormsloe Plantation Cultural Landscape Laboratory

2012 Final Reports

Emily Cornelius: Interplay between stress, lipids, parasites and immunity in migrating songbirds

Nancy O'Hare: Reptile, amphibian and bird inventory; LiDAR analysis of vegetation structure

Wes Ryals: Ongoing landscape research: slave cabin and estate house and grounds

Previous Reports

Jessica Cook: Archaeology at Wormsloe (2009)

Drew Swanson: Hargrett Library Research Updates (2008-2009)