Fellow Name Department Degree Years in Program Advisor(s) Research Topic
Jessica Cook Hale Anthropology and Archaeology Ph.D. 2008-2010 Erv Garrison Use of ground penetrating radar for assessing historical land uses at Wormsloe
Drew Swanson History Ph.D. 2008-2010 Paul Sutter Environmental history of Wormsloe plantation, with an emphasis on the transatlantic relationships of the early plantation and the preservation challenges of managing a historical landscape.
Andrew Parker Geography M.S. 2009-2010 Marguerite Madden and Thomas Jordan Geographic techniques to create 3D models of historic cultural resources at Wormsloe
Carrie Jensen Geography M.S. 2010-2011 Kathy Parker and Al Parker Human-Environment relationships: Integrating dendrochronology with environmental History at Wormsloe
Carey Burda Geography M.S. 2010-2011 Marguerite Madden and Thomas Jordan Historic maps, vegetation surveys, and light detection and ranging (lidar) applications to compare vegetation patterns and canopy structure between land use legacies at Wormsloe.
Nancy O'Hare Geography Ph.D. 2010-2015 Marguerite Madden and Thomas Jordan Amphibian Diversity in the Georgia Sea Islands: Land-use history and landscape context
Paul Cady Environment and Design MLA 2013-2015   Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) for the slave cabin area, estate house, farm complex, and fort house ruins sections of Wormsloe.
Holly Campbell Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources M.S. 2013-2014 Lawrence Morris Soil Indicators of Post Colonization Land Use Change and Vegetation Patterns at Wormsloe Historic Site, Isle of Hope
Emily Cornelius Ecology M.S. 2011-2013   Energetic trade-offs that occur within migratory songbirds during the fall migration.
Alyssa Gehman Ecology Ph.D. 2013-2015 Jeb Byers Invasive barnacle that parasitizes mud crabs. 
Sean Dunlap Environment and Design   2016-2017   Piedmont Prairie Planting Design as Sustainable Campus Landscape Management Trial Study
Alessandro Pasqua Geography Ph.D. 2013-2015 Marguerite Madden and Thomas Jordan The use of remote sensing techniques – such as terrestrial laser scanning and unmanned aerial vehicles – as well as archaeological methods consisting in phytolith analysis and flotation of soil samples to analyze evidence of rice cultivation. 
Jennifer Pahl Ecology Ph.D. 2011-2012 Ron Carroll? The effects of municipal water extraction and drought on an important shoal plant in a Piedmont river.
Darren Fraser Ecology Ph.D. 2016-2018 Kimberly Andrews Focus on how a terrestrial predator uses the edge habitat at the salt marsh-maritime forest interface for movement and foraging.  
Wes Ryals Environment and Design MLA 2011-2013 Cari Goetcheus? Exploring the affordances of digital technologies for augmenting visitor experiences and aiding in cultural heritage interpretation
Nicole Peterson Engineering   2016-2018 Jon Calabria? Predictive scientific assessment of future salt marsh transgression using slamm, sleuth, and a novel probabilistic model of estuarine shoreline armoring at the parcel scale.
Christopher Wisener Environment and Design   2016-2018   Determining living shoreline suitability at the Wormsloe state historic site
Ania Majewska Ecology Ph.D. 2016-2018 Sonia Altizer and Andy Davis Effects of pollinator-friendly gardens on butterfly population biology and host-parasite dynamics
Shannon Healy Geography M.S. 2018-2020 Marguerite Madden Integrated geospatial techniques for monitoring plot-level crop growth in small farms and community
Katharine Bugbee Environment and Design MLA 2019-2020   Strategies for increasesd functionality of living shorelines on the Georgia coast. 
Devan Fitzpatrick Environmental Engineering M.S. 2018-2019 Brian Bledsoe Modeling hydraulic effects of unsubmerged in-stream deflection structures
Morgan Friedman Veterinary Medicine   2021-2022   Studied animal health, disease ecology, and parasitology.
Ryan Palmer Geography M.S. 2021-2023 Marguerite Madden and Thomas Jordan Monitoring of a longleaf pine ecosystem restoration site using UAS-based remote sensing and deep learning analysis
Courtney Balling Geography Ph.D. 2022-2024 Marguerite Madden Climate change, coastal wastewater infrastructure and equitable adaptation
Taylor Pearson Veterinary Medicine   2023-2024   Vector borne disease and the intersections of wildlife, livestock, and people through a One Health perspective. 
Keeli Windham Environment and Design MLA 2023 Daniel Nadenicek The University of Georgia Center for Research and Education Campus Masterplanning