The fire alarm is triggered automatically when the detection system senses smoke or heat or can be triggered manually by pull stations throughout the building. Any staff who are called upon to investigate a fire should use a pull station to activate the alarm. This will automatically notify UGA PD and the Fire Department. After hours, staff should also call Facilities staff: Shannon Bennett or Erin Leach as time permits.

When the alarm is activated:

  • Strobes will flash throughout the building
  • Sounders will alarm on the all fire stairs causing consistent noise
  • Automatic voiceover will announce instructions for evacuation
  • Fire curtains will close ( Fire curtains can be opened and used for evacuation by pressing the green bar; this opens the curtain wide enough for a person to exit and will close automatically)
  • All exterior doors will lock preventing entry into building.

Normal or after hours evacuation procedures should be followed by all staff. NOTE: Staff should take radios, keys, and other personal belongings with them if possible.

Once UGAPD and the Fire Department arrive, they have authority over the emergency situation. All directions are issued by them in conjunction with MLC facilities and security staff. Fire trucks will park by the 1 st floor Bookstore door or in front of the South Plaza. MLC security personnel will be in that area to liaison with emergency personnel.

When the threat of fire is over:

  • The Fire Department will call the "all clear"
  • Security staff will reset the pull stations, acknowledge alarms on the fire panels and reset doors
  • Security staff will retract the fire curtains; this may take a few extra minutes as this is a manual process on several floors
  • Security staff will use the PA system to announce the reopening of the building
  • All staff will be notified via radios or in-person to return to the building

MLC Security (706) 542-2327, MLC General Number (706) 542-7000

UGA Police Department (706) 542-2200