Library Conduct

The University Libraries provide collections and services in support of the instruction, research, and service missions of the University of Georgia community. Users have the right to expect a safe, pleasant and productive environment for research and study. Users are expected to abide by the rules established by the University and the University of Georgia Code of Conduct . An extension of these ideals is reflected in this Conduct Policy.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a disturbance or behaving in a manner which interferes with normal use of the Libraries, such as rowdiness, noise, loitering, and offensive interpersonal behavior.
  • Disruptive use of cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • Violating policies concerning food, drink, tobacco products, and/or alcohol or drugs .
  • Failing to follow library circulation policies and procedures.
  • Mutilating, defacing or misusing library materials, equipment, or property.
  • Removing or attempting to remove library materials or property without checking them out or without proper authorization.
  • Concealing or otherwise restricting access to materials in the library for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
  • Possessing a weapon or hazardous substance / item.
  • Engaging in sexual activity.
  • Harassing or stalking library staff or users.
  • Tampering with emergency mechanisms (fire alarms, alarms in elevators, opening emergency exits in non-emergency situations).
  • Being in an unauthorized area of the building; remaining in the building after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills.
  • Soliciting or pandering is not allowed in the Libraries which includes the entrance (porch and steps) of the Libraries.
  • Leaving children unattended within the Libraries. Any unattended children will be turned over to the custody of the University of Georgia Police Department.
  • Bringing animals into the building that don't provide assistance; leaving animals unattended on library premises.
  • Violating University and Library rules regarding computer use .

Individuals or groups who do not follow these guidelines may be accountable to both civil authorities (city, state, or federal) and to The University of Georgia.