Hazardous Weather

This policy provides specific guidance to the Libraries' staff when Athens is experiencing inclement weather. For more information please view the University's Inclement Weather Policy

  1. If the University is closed and classes are canceled, the Libraries will be closed and annual leave will not be charged. If the weather condition occurs at night, local radio stations will announce that the University is closed. If the condition occurs during the day, the statement will be released through normal distribution channels on campus. A supervisor should be contacted if a staff member has questions. 

  2. If the University is open and classes are being held, all scheduled staff will be expected to report to work and any who fail to do so must take annual leave. Persons who arrive at work late will not be charged leave if the lateness is reasonable in the view of their immediate supervisor. 

  3. If weather conditions become sufficiently hazardous when the Libraries are open but the University is normally closed (on weekends, or during intersessions, for example), the University Librarian, or other administrator in charge, will decide if the Libraries are to be closed.