Group Study Rooms Policy

  • Group study rooms are available to UGA affiliates only on a first-come, first-served basis. You may be asked to show your UGA ID 
  • Study rooms are intended for studying. Anyone using the room for non-study purposes such as sleeping may be asked to leave by a waiting group.
  • Room capacity is four (4) people.
  • Priority for using rooms 134A and 163A is given to persons with disabilities.
  • Individuals must relinquish the room to a group immediately upon request. Individuals waiting for their group members must also relinquish the room to a waiting group. Libraries security staff may conduct rounds to enforce group study room usage.
  • Belongings left unattended in a room do not reserve the space. The belongings will be removed to Lost & Found if a room is needed by a waiting group. All items left unattended for longer than 30 minutes may be removed.