What Is ORCID?

Your ORCID ID is a persistent and unique digital identifier that distinguishes your research identity from others. ORCID assigns you this identifier that is associated with your research and scholarly work throughout your research workflow, including grant and manuscript submission all the way to publication and beyond. All your research and scholarly outputs can be uniquely identified.

In addition, ORCID provides you with a profile that you can maintain throughout your professional life. Publications, degrees, certifications, biographical information, affiliations, etc., can all be maintained in a single place that is always accessible from anywhere. You have the choice of how to share this information.

ORCID is a not-for-profit organization, sustained by fees from its member organizations, which include the University of Georgia. Publishers, funders, research institutions, and other organizations are increasingly supporting ORCID. 


UGA Elements currently uses your ORCID ID in three ways:

  1. Publication searches will automatically claim any publications associated with your ORCID ID.
  2. Your ORCID profile publication list will act as another source of publications for the Elements search engine to populate your Elements publication list.
  3. You can authorize Elements to write to your ORCID profile your publications and affiliation information.


ORCID Visibility Settings

ORCID has three visibility settings that you can apply to each of the entries you add to your profile:

  • Everyone – Information is publicly available to everyone.
  • Trusted Parties – Not available to the general public. By connecting your ORCID iD to UGA, you will allow UGA access to the "trusted parties" and public-level information you choose to share from your ORCID record.
  • Only Me – Personal use only and not publicly available to anyone.