A Note on Student Late Fees

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As part of the UGA Libraries’ commitment to affordable access to learning materials, the Libraries recently ceased the collection of late fees from students who return overdue books.

“Overdue book fines are educational materials costs borne directly by our students. Those with the least ability to pay feel the effect of fines most keenly, as do graduate students who are particularly heavy users of the Libraries’ print collections,” said Toby Graham, associate provost and university librarian. “This step will save students about $25,000 per year.”

Late fees remain in place for students who check out special materials, including course reserve materials, media and equipment such as laptops. They also may be bound to late fees from other institutions for materials borrowed via interlibrary loan.

To ensure availability of materials, students will continue to be charged fines when books that have been recalled due to a request from another patron are not returned in a timely manner, and lost book charges will apply when an item has been overdue for 56 days (after two automatic checkout renewals).

Other library users, such as alumni and other members of the community at large, remain subject to late fees. For more information on fines, visit libs.uga.edu/access-services/fees