Network Maintenance to Impact Library Services Oct. 23

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UGA EITS will conduct network maintenance that will result in periodic, intermittent outages of campus Internet access and campus information systems on Sunday, October 23, 2022, from 6:00 a.m. until midnight.

This work is expected to impact library users on campus and online.

Due to SSO disruption, UGA Libraries digital resources may not be available for patrons, including databases, e-books, online journals, and other online tools. The UGA Libraries website ( may experience outages, including online chat services. Individuals can visit to view UGA’s catalog of holdings, but faculty, staff, and students may not be able to log in with their MyID to place books on hold or access full text e-resources. Other libraries-hosted websites such as the Digital Library of Georgia may also experience outages.

While checkout will be available at the Main and McBay Science Libraries, the tech lending services at the Miller Learning Center will not be in operation, and the Digital Media Lab will be closed. The network maintenance work will also interrupt wifi and computer usage in library locations, and may disrupt the elevators.

Other notes from EITS about possible issues on campus include:

  • UGA’s Telephone Services will experience sporadic outages during the maintenance. In case of an emergency, it is important to remember to use a cell phone to contact UGA Police by calling 911 instead of 706-542-2200. The UGA Police Department will still respond to all calls for service during this time. Members of the campus community are reminded that 911 is always the appropriate number to call for an emergency on campus. In the event of a future interruption in landline phone service at UGA, cell phones should be used to contact police.
  • Elevator emergency phones may not work when telephone service is disrupted, and cell connectivity in elevators is unreliable in some buildings. It is recommended to use stairs to the extent possible during the time of the maintenance. 
  • Building fire alarm panels may beep continuously until the phone connection is restored and possibly beyond if the system does not reset automatically. During the outage time, there is no need to call the UGA Police Department or Facilities Management Division to report this issue. However, employees and students should remain aware and notify the UGA Police Department if they observe any indications of fire or smoke.
  • Systems that use services in the UGA Boyd Data Center will experience outages. This also includes UGA websites hosted in the Boyd Data Center. The University’s primary web site at is hosted off-campus and will remain available.
  • UGA’s Single Sign-On (UGA SSO) also will experience outages. This means individuals will not be able to log in to many UGA-provided information systems, including the following:
    • Zoom, Athena, Banner Administrative System, Degree Works, eLearning Commons (eLC), UGA Elements, UGA Financial Management System, UGA Budget Management System, UGAJobs, UGAmart, OneUSG Connect, and OneUSG Connect Benefits.
  • Individuals will also experience outages accessing UGAMail, websites hosted by UGA, the Virtual Private Network (VPN), ArchPass Duo, and information systems hosted by EITS.
  • Wireless networks will also be unavailable, including Paws-Secure, Eduroam, and UGA_Visitors_WiFi.
  • EITS Storage Services including IFS, Research IFS, and Secure IFS will be unavailable.
  • All systems behind the UGA Boyd Data Center departmental firewalls will experience outages to their access to the UGA network.
  • All systems in the Hosted Area will experience outages.

Additional details and progress reports will be posted at and on the EITS Twitter feed at @uga_eits.