Kanopy Changes

Submitted by Kristin on

Beginning Monday, May 13, most Kanopy streaming videos will need to be requested before viewing.

Previously, UGA users were able to view many films on the Kanopy site simply by opening them. After a film received a small number of views – no matter how brief – the UGA Libraries had to pay a substantial annual license fee for that film. As use has increased, our costs have risen sharply to the point that we can no longer afford to offer unmediated access.  While moving to request-based (mediated) access may not be as convenient, we are making this change to enable us to continue to provide access to Kanopy films but in a more sustainable way.

The new Kanopy will look the same as the old version. Films already licensed and paid for by the Libraries may be viewed immediately. If we have not licensed a film, you will be directed to a brief request form where you can explain why you need the film. The Libraries will strive to meet all requests for classroom or research use within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).

Please note that most Kanopy licenses expire after one year. If you plan to screen a film for a class, you may wish to check with the Media Department to confirm that the film will still be under license on the date needed.