Intermittent Google Scholar access problems

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UGA users are having intermittent problems accessing Google Scholar. The Google Scholar search box on our homepage directs all Google Scholar searches through our proxy server, so that it recognizes you are coming from UGA and shows you links to full text articles provided by UGA Libraries. Unfortunately, in some cases Google Scholar is blocking these searches and displaying an " Invalid domain for site key" error message. You may also experience it if you start at, rather than the Libraries homepage.

This problem is being experienced by other libraries as well. We believe it's a Google Scholar problem, but we are continuing to try to find a solution.

There are a couple of options you can try, which might work to get you in:


Option 1: Add our institutional ID to your search:

First, close your browser window and start a new session.

Then, paste either of these links into your browser. If one doesn't work, try the other: 

That will hopefully display a results list for a search on the term 'bananas'. You can then change the search terms in the search box.


Option 2: Configure your settings in Google Scholar:

First, close your browser window and start a new session, so that it does not try to send you through the proxy server.

Go to

Click the three horizontal lines ("hamburger") menu symbol at the top left. Choose Settings, then Library Links.

Search for University of Georgia in the box. When it comes up in the results list, check the box next to it, and then click the 'Save' button.

That will tell Google Scholar that it should display the full text articles we subscribe to.


If you need to contact us:

You can chat with us or call 706-542-3251.


For more information, you may also consult this guide we've created.