Evening Access to Main and McBay Libraries Adjusted

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As part of a campus-wide effort to enhance safety at the University of Georgia, public hours at two University of Georgia Libraries locations have been altered. 

Beginning March 11, members of the public will be welcome at the UGA Main Library on North Campus and the McBay Science Library on South Campus during our public hours until 6 p.m. After that time, students and other members of the university community can access the buildings for study sessions and research with their UGA or college ID. The Miller Learning Center will continue to be limited to those with a UGA or college ID from 9 p.m. until 7 a.m.

Resources such as microfilmed newspapers, government documents, scholarly databases and journals, and other services and materials will remain available to anyone who registers as a visitor at the Main Library, and researchers and community members are welcome to explore other freely available resources, such as events and exhibits at the UGA Special Collections Libraries, during the public hours at each location. More information about visits to UGA Libraries can be found on our website.

Thanks to the support of President’s Office, UGA Libraries will hire additional security personnel to augment a round-the-clock security presence in all facilities where students congregate and study at night.

For more about the campus-wide effort to strengthen campus safety, visit t.uga.edu/9Kq.