EBSCOHost Account and Folder Changes

Submitted by Kristin on

Students, faculty, and staff with My EBSCOHost accounts:

An upcoming transition to OpenAthens as the Libraries' login system will automatically link an EBSCOHost account to your MyID. When you sign in to any EBSCO database or the Multi-Search after December 21, you will see folders for your new UGA EBSCOHost account. If you previously set up an individual My EBSCOHost account, choose 'Switch Accounts' to log into your older account.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to consent to the EBSCO Personal Data Retention and Usage Policy. This is the same policy that governs your older EBSCO account.

Merging folders and accounts:

After December 21, you can merge the older account into the new UGA one to avoid having to log in separately to EBSCO. You may also keep the two accounts separate. See the step-by-step instructions for help. Please keep in mind that you cannot merge accounts until we change to the new OpenAthens authentication system on December 21.

Please contact us with any questions.