Shared Calendar for Professional Development Activities

The purpose of the shared calendar for professional development activities is to create a comprehensive, accessible place in which Libraries, Press, and Review employees can easily view potential professional development opportunities, especially those that relate to work that is specific to libraries or publishing.

The Outlook calendar associated with is public and can be viewed by all UGA employees. It serves as an aggregated source for low-cost and no-cost training opportunities for employees offered by both outside groups (e.g., ASERL) and in-house groups (e.g., PDRC). Libraries HR adds known webinars and events here on a bimonthly basis, but also heavily relies on faculty and staff to add relevant opportunities directly by ‘inviting’ this calendar to known events.

If there is a webinar that costs money but is of interest to a number of employees, you can suggest/request group registration for events that have costs associated with them by filling out this online form.

*The libjobs calendar does not aggregate the offerings from UGA’s Learning and Development office, as there is an extremely large number of these classes and their course catalog can be easily viewed any time from their website (and registration is possible via PEP).


Policies for Using Shared Calendar for Professional Development Activities

The Shared Calendar for Professional Development Activities is meant to highlight webinars or events that are relevant to ideas, skills, and competencies required by employees to be successful. These activities may be hosted by Libraries’ committees (e.g., Committee on Diversity and Inclusion) or outside groups (e.g., The American Library Association). Activities added to the Shared Calendar for Professional Development Activities should be in some way related to libraries, publishing, or higher education.

Activities that are free to view or attend may be added directly to the calendar. Those with a registration fee should be sent to the Libraries’ Head of Human Resources for review prior to adding them to the calendar.

Any questions or concerns not covered in this document should be directed to the Libraries’ Head of Human Resources.