Training and Development

As part of its FY2025 strategic plan, the UGA Libraries committed to prioritize the learning and professional growth of all employees of the UGA Libraries, UGA Press, and Georgia Review. All staff and faculty are encouraged to explore and pursue opportunities. This page outlines current Professional Development opportunities available to employees. 

Learn & Lead  

The purpose of the Learn & Lead initiative is to foster a culture of learning and professional growth for employees of the UGA Libraries, UGA Press, and Georgia Review through strategic coordination and promotion of opportunities for employee learning and leadership. The Learn & Lead brand currently serves as an umbrella for several initiatives unique to the Libraries, UGA Press, and Georgia Review: 

Professional Development and Research Committee (PDRC)

The Libraries' Professional Development and Research Committee (PDRC) is charged with fostering professional growth of the Libraries' faculty through developing and promoting continuing education activities, encouraging and facilitating participation in local, state, regional, and national organizations; and promoting research interests and activities of the Libraries Faculty. To accomplish these goals, PDRC sponsors programs of interest to the Libraries' faculty and periodically schedules professional forums, discussions and workshops. PDRC also administers the Libraries' mentoring program. To learn more about PDRC current programs, please visit:

UGA Learning and Development

The UGA Human Resources' Learning and Development Center provides a variety of classroom and e-learning courses. Most courses are free, but some do have a nominal fee. The course catalog may be found here.


The University of Georgia's Professional Education Portal is a tool used by Faculty and Staff to support professional development and research-related educational needs at UGA.

For More Information, visit the PEP website

Engage and Learn

In January 2019, a Presidential Task Force was charged with creating new, robust professional development opportunities to support the growth and development of staff. From this Presidential Task Force, the University of Georgia's Engage and Learn initiative was created which includes campus-wide mentoring, a grant program to fund staff training and more. For more information, please visit UGA's Engage and Learn website

LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning is part of UGA’s online training and assists you to learn software, creative and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. LinkedIn Learning allows free access to its vast library of video tutorials for all UGA students, faculty, and staff. Its video tutorials are designed for all skill levels and can be viewed at increments of just a few minutes to allow you flexibility to learn the skills at your own pace. To learn more, please visit:

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