UGA Libraries Lost and Found Protocols

Any Library employee who finds a lost item must turn it in as soon as possible. Items brought to any library service point are turned over to the unit responsible for administering Lost & Found Procedures. These units vary by building and include Main Security staff, MLC Security staff, Science Access Services staff, and the Carnegie Library Specialist III. Public Services staff at the CML, Music, and Art Libraries hold found items until the end of the day and then turn them over to their respective building’s Lost and Found.

All Libraries employees including faculty, staff, and student workers must follow these guidelines. If an employee is found to be in violation of them, appropriate, progressive disciplinary action will be taken.

Protocols differ slightly between library buildings and detailed procedures are maintained locally, but all have the following characteristics:

  • A spreadsheet is utilized to log lost, found, and found items reunited with owners.
  • Items turned over in a group (e.g., a bag of clothes) are logged as a group.
  • Found items are “bagged and tagged” with a number corresponding to the line item on the log.
    • Loose cash (i.e., cash not in a wallet) is counted in the presence of another person, placed in an envelope, and the envelope sealed. A note with the amount of cash found is included in the envelope. The sealed envelope is kept with other Lost & Found valuable items and transferred to the UGA Police Department.
  • Wallets are only opened in the presence of another employee, and the fact that it was opened is noted in the log.
  • For items with identifying information (e.g., UGA ID card), supervisors within the unit administering these protocols attempt to contact the owner and the spreadsheet is updated with results.
  • Items considered valuable (e.g., wired and wireless headphones, scientific calculators, jewelry, keys, wallets, UGA ID cards or credit cards) are kept in highly secured areas and turned over to the UGA Police Department every two weeks.
    • Transfer of items is always noted on the spreadsheet.
    • The Found Item Transfer Form is used to note which items were surrendered to the UGA Police Department and by whom.
  • Items considered non-valuable (e.g., clothing, books, drink bottles) are stored in secure areas and are donated to charity every 60 days.
    • Donation of non-valuable items is noted on spreadsheet, including the place where the non-valuable item was donated.
  • When users inquire about lost items, employees review spreadsheet to see if the item has been logged as a found item.
    • If a match can be made, transfer of the item will be noted on the spreadsheet. Employees may ask to see identification before giving the item back to the person, and is encouraged for any high value item.
    • If a match cannot be made, information about the lost item is logged in the form.
  • At the end of the semester, found umbrellas and charging cords may be kept and made available for use by the general public and student population.