Parking & Accessible Facilities


UGA students, faculty and staff with disabilities must have both the state-issued disability placard and a UGA parking permit to utilize campus disability parking spaces during enforcement hours. UGA Parking Services provides information and instructions to acquire a UGA disability permit. Visitors with disabilities must display a state-issued disability placard or license plate to utilize disability spaces.

All campus pay parking decks contain conveniently located disability spaces. See our Locations & Directions page for information about parking decks located nearest each library building.

In addition to campus parking decks, some surface parking lots near library buildings have designated disability parking spaces. 

  • At the Main Library, the small parking lot between Jackson Street and the library building has 10 designated disability parking spaces. This lot is accessible at all times.
  • Near the Science Library, there are four designated disability parking spaces along Sanford Drive in front of Myers Quad. Also, the S03 gated parking lot next to the Science Library has 3 designated disability parking spaces which can be accessed after 4:30pm weekdays or on weekends without a campus parking permit (or anytime if you have a parking permit for that lot).
  • The Miller Learning Center has 9 designated disability parking spaces in the parking lot between the MLC and Military Sciences. This lot is open at all times and can be accessed via the entrance on Baldwin Street.

Please call 706-542-PARK if you need additional information or require any accommodation.


Building Accessibility

Accessibility features include:

  • All floors of the Main and Science and Special Collections libraries and the Miller Learning Center are wheelchair accessible. However, Main and Science Library bookshelf areas are not accessible. Access Services staff can retrieve books from the shelves and arrange to have photocopies or scans made at no additional charge. Inquire at the Circulation desk for assistance, or contact Eric Griffith, the Disabilities Services Coordinator for the Libraries, at or 706-542-1137.
  • Building entrance access ramps and button-activated electric doors.
  • Elevators with print and Braille control panel.
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms on the entry floors of both Main and Science libraries. In addition, the Main Library has accessible restrooms in the basement and on the 4th floor. All restrooms in the Miller Learning Center and the Special Collections Library are wheelchair-accessible.
  • In the Special Collections Library, some desks in the reading rooms are built to accommodate wheelchairs, and the exhibit areas are designed by ADA standards.