Rights and Reproductions


Requesting Materials for Reproduction 

The Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies provides fair use PDF scans of materials for both on-site and off-site researchers (as well as their proxies) for a fee. The Russell Library also provides high-resolution scans or scans for publication for a fee.  

Russell staff fulfills on-site and off-site duplication requests in the order they are received and as part of their broader work activities. Turnaround time for off-site duplication requests is approximately 10 business days from date of payment, or longer depending on the extent of the request. Unless otherwise specified, Russell staff delivers digital scans via electronic download at no additional charge to Researchers. If file size exceeds certain thresholds, or if Researchers wish to make alternative arrangements for file transfer, Russell staff may apply additional fees.  

The Russell Library will provide digital scans from materials in the collections when such copying meets ALL the following criteria: 

  • Does not damage the material 
  • Does not violate donor agreement(s) 
  • Conforms to all copyright laws 

For more information, including how to place reproduction requests, please read and complete the Russell Library Reproduction Request Form and email to russlib@uga.edu.


Fair Use Copies by Researchers Using Digital Cameras 

Researchers may make fair use digital copies for personal research use if they agree to the policies and procedures described in the Russell Library Digital Copies and Camera Use Policy and by signing the Russell Library Digital Reproductions Use Agreement

For more information, please consult the Russell Library Reproduction Request Form


Proxy Research Reproduction Guidelines 

Before a proxy researcher may take fair use digital images of materials for an off-site patron, both the local proxy and their off-site patron must complete and submit the Russell Library Digital Reproductions Use Agreement. .  


Audiovisual Reproductions/Transfers 

The Russell Library does not charge for “fair use” of audiovisual materials. The Russell Library does not own the intellectual rights for most of the audiovisual items in its collections. Staff can assist researchers in determining copyright and permissions, but the responsibility ultimately rests with the researcher. 

In most cases, streaming files of audiovisual materials can be made available for online access, free of charge. Digital files of some audiovisual materials for which the Russell Library holds copyright are available for $30 each. The Russell Library retains all rights to this content, and the requested material may be used only for personal and research use as outlined under the terms of “fair use.” Some materials are unable to be digitized due to condition or donor restrictions. Please allow two to four weeks for transfer of audiovisual materials. 

PLEASE NOTE: Russell Library staff can only provide licensing for audiovisual materials for which the Russell Library holds copyright. Rights and permissions vary depending on the collection. Please contact russlib@uga.edu with questions regarding licensing of audiovisual material. 


Requesting Permission to Publish (Excluding Audiovisual Materials)

The Russell Library does not own the intellectual rights to most of the materials in its collections and as such cannot grant or deny permission to publish these materials. Patrons wishing to publish materials from Russell Library collections are responsible for securing permission to publish from rights holders. Russell staff will provide limited initial assistance to patrons investigating copyright matters for materials they wish to publish. For assistance with researching rights holders, patrons may wish to consult the following resources:

  • WATCH File: The WATCH File (Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders) contains the names and addresses of copyright holders or contact persons for authors and artists whose archives are housed, in whole or in part, in libraries and archives in North America and the United Kingdom.
  • U.S. Copyright Office: You can search a public database at the U.S. Copyright Office for copyright information on all works registered with the U.S. Copyright Office after January 1, 1978.

To initiate a request for reproduction of materials for publication, patrons must complete the Intention to Publish Worksheet. Upon receipt of this form, staff will review the request to determine if the Russell Library owns or administers the rights to the materials requested.

If the Russell Library does not own or administer rights for the requested materials, the staff member will forward the Intention to Publish Policy Agreement for Materials for which the Russell Library Does NOT Own or Administer Copyright to the patron to complete and submit. Upon receipt of the signed form, Russell staff will generate an invoice for reproduction, shipping and handling, and will outline fulfillment steps to the patron.

If the Russell Library does own or administer rights for the requested material(s), the staff member will forward the Intention to Publish Policy Agreement for Materials for which the Russell Library Owns or Administers Copyright to the patron to complete and submit. Upon receipt of the signed form, Russell staff will review the request, make a determination as to terms for permission and associated fees, and notify patron of next steps. Please note: Russell Library staff review permission to publish requests in the order that they are received. Typically, the review process takes at least 10 business days from the date of submission of the Intention to Publish Worksheet.

Questions related to permission to publish should be directed to russlib@uga.edu