The University of Georgia Libraries, including the UGA Press and the Georgia Review, support the University’s core values with respect to diversity and inclusion.  We strive to create an environment of acceptance and respect in which all students, faculty, staff, and visitors feel welcomed and included at the University of Georgia.  Education at a university occurs in more settings than classrooms and within more individuals than students.  Libraries are often described as the heart of an academic community, a characterization that continues to be valid in an increasingly digital age.  Therefore it is especially important that the UGA Libraries embody and uphold the University’s commitment to diversity.  The more we all interact with a variety of individuals, the better prepared we will be to thrive in a world whose diversity will only continue to expand. 

The healthiest workplace is one that provides a safe, positive, and nurturing environment in which differences may be acknowledged, explored, respected, and embraced, an environment where commonality then arises through dedication to a shared mission rather than through individual uniformity.  The UGA Libraries are committed to creating an inclusive community grounded in respect and appreciation for all individuals who work in any locations of the UGA Libraries.  

In May 2012, Dr. William Gray Potter, the University Librarian and Associate Provost, created a diversity task force charged with the responsibility of creating the UGA Libraries’ first diversity plan.  That plan was approved by the UGA Libraries’ Department Heads Group in February 2013, and contains the following goals:

Diversity Goals

  1. Make diversity and inclusion an integral part of the UGA Libraries’ stated mission and goals.
  2. Enhance and sustain a climate in the UGA Libraries that values and welcomes diversity and inclusion.
  3. Recruit, retain and support advancement opportunities for a more diverse faculty and staff.
  4. Integrate diverse/multicultural perspectives into the UGA Libraries’ outreach activities and instruction sessions.
  5. Enhance the diversification of the UGA Libraries’ holdings and broaden access to library materials in support of the University’s research, teaching and service mission.
  6. Provide universal design and accessibility to UGA Libraries’ facilities and holdings by enhancing both intellectual and physical accessibilities that nurture and support academic success for our diverse community.

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