O.C. Aderhold Library Endowment Fund

Omer Clyde Aderhold


Omer Clyde Aderhold was born on November 7, 1899, in Lavonia, Georiga, where he grew up plowing the fields for his family's farm. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1923 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education.  He then went on to become a teacher of agriculture, a school principal and the superintendent of public schools in Jefferson, Georgia.

He met and married his wife Bess in Jefferson in 1926.  They moved to Athens, Georgia, in 1929 when O.C. joined the faculty of the College of Education at the University of Georgia.  Bess pursued her Master's Degree focusing on child nutrition and education.  She was one of the first degree recipients.

In 1946, O.C. was named Dean of the College of Education for UGA, and in 1950, he became the fourteenth president of the University. Aderhold accomplished so much for the University as president.  He founded the Future Farmers of America for the University, the first collegiate chapter in the United States, and he saw that the College of Agriculture progressed along with the other colleges in the University.  His attitude of progress he carried on is what makes him one of the most important leaders in the history of the University and the state. Aderhold retired in 1967.  He died on July 4, 1969.


O.C. Aderhold Library Endowment Fund

On May 17, 1965, the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society established the O.C. Aderhold Library Endowment Fund in honor of Dr. O.C. Aderhold.  The fund is for the benefit and support of the University Libraries.  It is to be used to purchase books, periodicals, computer equipment, computer software and other purchases, which will advance the Libraries' technology and growth.

You are welcome to help enhance this endowment.  For more information please contact Chantel Dunham at cdunham@uga.edu.