Welcome to the UGA Libraries, UGA Press, and The Georgia Review! Try to imagine the University of Georgia without the libraries. Honestly, it is inconceivable. That is why we consider ourselves as the heart of our vibrant learning community. Annually, we have over 3.6 million visitors to our eight campus facilities, from students studying for exams to scholars connecting with knowledge and community members learning about history or attending events.

The philanthropic support of our alumni and friends truly does make a difference in every Bulldog’s journey, at the University of Georgia. Every gift makes a difference. Annual gifts provide us with the flexibility to respond to the constantly evolving needs of our students, faculty, and community. Endowments create perpetual support for the libraries core priorities and initiatives. Estate and planned gifts allow you to provide a lasting legacy at the libraries. There are a variety of ways that your generosity can be felt across our historic campus.

Our team looks forward to working with you. And though we do not produce alumni ourselves every Bulldog is an alumnus of the libraries. If you are interested in supporting future generations of students please contact us today.

Lee Snelling

 Lee A. Snelling - Senior Director of Development - UGA Libraries, the UGA Press & The Georgia Review

Lee Snelling