The University of Georgia Libraries have been touching lives and shaping minds since their inception.

  • In 1800, $1000 purchased the first library collection
  • Today, the Libraries' collections exceed 4 million volumes and 6 million microform units
  • The University of Georgia Libraries are among the top third of research libraries in North America.

The Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library (also known as the Main Library) opened in 1953. It honors the memories of Mrs. Little, her husband John D. Little, her father Samuel Scott Dunlap, her brother Samuel Scott Dunlap, Jr. and her first husband Leonidas A. Jordan. Mr. and Mrs. Little left their entire estate to the University of Georgia Libraries for the creation of a new library building.

A walk through the various collections within the Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library reveals the generosity and vision shared by our donors. The many plaques that grace the walls identify those who have helped to build the spaces and collections for generations of Georgia students and researchers.

Without the extraordinary generosity and vision of friends, alumni, and faculty, this feat would never have been achieved. Yet the continued commitment of the university community is critical if we are to maintain the depth and breadth of our collections and launch innovative new programs for all those we serve.

As the cost of books, journals and electronic resources continues to soar, purchasing power for library collections supported with state funds continues to shrink. We are calling upon library users and friends to consider their role to continue this legacy, and help secure the future of UGA's primary intellectual capital investment.