Mission of the Libraries and of Collection Development

The UGA Libraries embody and uphold the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion alongside its mission “to foster the understanding of and respect for cultural differences necessary for an enlightened and educated citizenry.” In support of this, an overarching commitment to diversity, intellectual freedom, accessibility, collaboration, and outreach informs the work of the Collection Development Department. 

The mission of collection development at the University of Georgia Libraries is encompassed within the Libraries' Vision Statement:

"The UGA Libraries will advance the University’s mission by providing the best possible access to recorded knowledge. We will actively contribute to the success of students and faculty through teaching and research services provided in physical and virtual environments that enhance learning and intellectual creativity. As the Libraries conduct this work, we will emphasize assessment-driven decision making, collaboration, diversity and inclusion, the thoughtful use of technology, and innovation in scholarly and literary publishing. The Libraries will respond creatively to changes in the higher education landscape and exemplify the University’s strategic priority to serve the citizens of Georgia and beyond."

The Libraries' Strategic Plan includes the following goal for collections:

“The Evolving Collection: The modern library collection combines resources in traditional and emerging formats, supplied through a variety of acquisition strategies and preserved for current and future generations of scholars. We will provide access to this recorded knowledge at a level consistent with our users’ needs and expectations, maintaining a collection that includes scholarly literature in researchers’ fields of study, resources for teaching and learning, and special collections, electronic archives, and other primary sources that support original research.”