Mintel Reports 
In-depth market research reports on a broad range of consumer products and financial services. 
Years of Coverage:  Most recent few years    Search this in GALILEO

MRI (GFK) University Reporter 
Data on product buying behavior and media usage of 27,000 adults. 
Years of Coverage:  Most recent three years (1 - 1.5 year lag) Access Mode: Search this in GALILEO  registration instructions

Simmons OneView 

Data on product buying behavior and media usage of 33,000 adults. 
Years of Coverage:  Most recent year (2.5 year lag)  Access Mode: Search this in GALILEO

Data on advertising expenditures. 
Years of Coverage:  2005-  Access Mode: Internet. UGA faculty and students must request login from the UGA Main Library Research and Instruction Department. Limited to five simultaneous users.

Product Launch Analytics (formerly ProductScan) 
Detailed descriptions and images of over half a million new product introductions worldwide. 
Years of Coverage:  1980-  Search this in GALILEO

Sports Business Research Network (Sports Market Analytics) 
Sports participation and equipment purchasing data from the National Sporting Goods Association. Articles from 14 sporting goods trade journals and newsletters. 
Years of Coverage:  Publications 1995- / Statistics 1993-   Search this in GALILEO

IRI Marketing Fact Book (ceased) 
Sales and purchasing behavior data on brands of consumer packaged goods. 
Years of Coverage:  2004-2011 
Access Mode: A CD-ROM database on discs at the Main Library Access Services Desk. Discs can be checked out of the library for a limited time to UGA faculty and students.