Want to avoid paywalls, logins, and redirects? Do you search Google, Amazon, PubMed, Wikipedia or other sites?

  • Skip the extra steps! Download LibKey Nomad to get fast, one-click access to full-text articles and ebooks provided by the UGA Libraries, without starting on the library website.
  • Once installed, you'll see the LibKey Nomad icon pop-up when UGA full-text is available.


Journal article with  "Article link: University of Georgia" icon at bottom left

Download LibKey Nomad


You might also want to try Endnote Click and Google Scholar Button. 


Read our comparisons: 

Endnote Click


Connects you to full-text from Web of Science, PubMed, arXiv, and other sites on the open web. Integrates with and exports to Endnote and other citation management tools. You can use the Locker in Endnote Click to save PDFs and your search history.


The user interface can be somewhat clunky. Full-text connection is not as reliable or as comprehensive as LibKey Nomad.

Google Scholar Button


Provides easy access to Google Scholar full-text, searching, and citation tracking and formatting from any website. You can save article records to your Google Scholar library.


Full-text access via “View it @ UGA” is not as quick and direct as LibKey Nomad. Whereas LibKey Nomad and Endnote Click buttons pop-up when full-text is available, you have to actively click on the Google Scholar Button to check for availability.



Other free browser plugins include: