Submitted by amywatts on Wed, 06/22/2016

The Hargrett Library has recently acquired several medieval manuscript fragments:

Illuminated Manuscript Bible and Book of Hours leaves, ms2934

The collection consists of illuminated manuscript leaves on vellum from the 13th and late 15th centuries. There are two Book of Hours leaves from France, late 15th century; one Book of Hours leaf from France, circa 1460; one Book of Hours leaf from Italy, 2nd half of 15th century; Bible leaf, Paris, mid-13th century; and Bible leaf, France, 13th century. The mid-13th century Bible leaf contains Tobias chapters V-VIII. There is also a late 12th century manuscript leaf with neumes from a Missal.

Manuscript fragment from the prologue to St. Jerome on the Gospel of Matthew, ms3960

A French mid-12th century manuscript fragment on vellum written in Carolingian miniscule hand with a later commentary in miniscule.

Incunabula leaves, ms3978

This collection contains five leaves of Dante’s “Purgatorio,” 1477; a single leaf from Florentius’ “Confessionale volgare,” circa 1480; a single leaf of Tortellius’ “Commentariorum grammaticorum de Orthographia,” 1477; a single leaf of Virgil’s “L’Eniede in prosa volgare ridotta,” 1476; and a single leaf from an unknown German chronicle with miniatures of St. Bridget and the convent, and Popes Urban V and Gregory XI, 15th century.

Illuminated Book of Hours leaves, ms3979

Four leaves from a vellum Book of Hours, circa 1524, including segments of communion prayer, prayers to the Virgin, hours of the cross, and hours of the Holy Spirit.

Illuminated manuscript leaves, ms3961

Four illuminated manuscript leaves on vellum from the Cotterell-Throckmorton Book of Hours, three containing Prayers of St. Bridget, and one leaf with the Verses of St. Bernard.