On Thursday, May 3 between 12pm and 3pm drop by the Science Library's Makerspace (room 381) and Informatics Visualization Lab (room 382) to experience the virtual realities created by UGA CSCI4830/6830 students. These live demonstrations are a great opportunity to talk with the students leading the way with this emerging technology, the clients from across campus units about why VR was selected as the appropriate technology for their research and instruction needs, and see the Science Library Makerspace where many of these projects were made.

eye tracking virtual reality

Works include a Fake News Virtual Reality, an Environmental Tour of Darien, Georgia, a Surgeon Simulator, an Interpersonal Interaction in the Context of Social Virtual Reality, Statics Context, Mass Transfer, Eye Tracking Flight Simulation, Virtual Land Surveying, and State Equilibrium Problem Visualizer. Preview all of the works at Virtual Experiences Laboratory's web page: 


The Science Library is located in the Boyd Graduate Building, 210 D.W. Brooks Drive

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