Access GFK (MRI+)

GFK University Reporter (MRI+)

About GFK (MRI+)

GFK provides charts showing product purchasing and lifestyle choices cross-tabulated by demographic characteristics and media usage. Many products offer brand level purchasing data. Use of the database is restricted to UGA students, faculty, and staff with a UGA e-mail account. Completion of a GFK (MRI+) registration form is required to access the database.

Registering for GFK (MRI+)

Click on the link (above), and you will access a login window. Click on Register. Fill in the required information on the registration screen. GFK (MRI+) requires that you use your UGA e-mail account ( In addition, a registration code is required. Please contact either John Prechtel or Sheila Devaney to obtain this code. In their absence contact the Research & Instruction Department in the Libraries.

After you have submitted the registration information you will receive an e-mail message from GFK (MRI+). Open the message and click on the activation link.  You will now be invited to set your password.  A new browser window should then open with a message confirming the validation of your account.  Note: the link in that message to login to GFK/MRI doesn't work. Instead use the link above or go to GALILEO A to Z Databases and open MRI/GFK from there. You should now be able to login.

Account Expiration: Twice a year, on January 1st and again on July 1st, all registrations will expire. To continue using GFK (MRI+) you must re-register following the same procedure described above. The registration code changes in January and remains valid for a full calendar year.

How to Read a GFK (MRI+) chart

See an example of a report, with explanation (opens in a new window, in Microsoft Word format).