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Rare Map Collection - Revolutionary Georgia

Map No. Map Name & Negative Number Author (year) File Size
Map 1874 P4 Plan of the French and American siege of Savannah. Neg 5432 n.a. 1779?/Jones 1874 431kb
Map 1780 W5 Coast of South Carolinand Georgia. Neg 3302 Wilson 1780 131kb
Map 1777 S3 Plan of the Forty Five and Five acre lots in the township of Savannah. Neg 5187 McCall/ McKinnon/ Rockwell 1908 246 kb
Map 1778 C3a Plan of the town of Savannah, taken from the Rebels on the 29th Decr. 1778. Neg 5190 Campbell / Kollock 1891 208kb
Map 1780 N4 A new and accurate map of the chief parts of south Carolina and Georgia. Neg 5201 Bew 1780 218kb
Map 1779 P4 Plan of the siege of Savannah, with the joint attack of the French and Americans on the 9th October 1779. Neg 416 Faden 1779 279kb
Map 1779 N42 A new and accurate map of the province of Georgia. Neg 2221 n.a. 1779 189kb
Map 1779 W5 Plan of the siege of Savannah, and the defeat of the French and Rebels. Neg 5196 Wilson 1779 137kb
Map 1779 W9 Plan of attack and the fortifications at Savannah in the revolution. Neg 5197 Wylly/Bowen 1779 321kb
Map 1780 C3 Sketch of the northern frontiers of Georgia. Neg 665 Campbell 1780 219kb
Map 1780 H7 A draught of South Carolina and Georgia from Sewee to St. Estaca. Neg 5200 Hughes 1780/1784 176kb
Map 1780 K5 A map of such parts of Georgia and South Carolina as tend to illustrate the progress and operations of the British army. Neg 4975 Kitchin 1780 125kb


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