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Rare Map Collection - Revolutionary America

Map No. Map Name & Negative Number Author (year) File Size
Map 1776 B6 Bowles' map of the seat of war. Neg 5174 Bowles 1776 330kb
Map 1776 F3 A plan of the attack of Fort Sulivan near Charles Town in South Carolina. Neg 5176 Faden 1776 176kb
Map 1776 G3 A plan of the river and sound of D'awfoskee in South Carolina. Neg 5177 Gascoigne 1776 277kb
Map 1776 L6 Carte de la nouvelle republique de l'Amerique. Neg 5180 Lotter 1776 382kb
Map 1776 L62 Carte nouvelle de l'Amerique Angloise. Neg 5181 Lotter 1776 260kb
Map 1776 T4 The theatre of war in North America. Neg 5183 n.a. 1779 282kb
Map 1777 P6 Port Royal in South Carolina. Neg 5186 Des Barres 1777 305kb
Map 1779 N4 A new and accurate map of North Carolina. Neg 5194 n.a. 1779 282kb
Map 1779 N44 A new and accurate map of the province of South Carolina. Neg 5195 n.a. 1779 264kb
Map 1780 N42 A new and accurate map of North Carolina and part of South Carolina, with the field of battle between Earl Cornwallis and General Gates. Neg 4974 n.a. 1780 218kb
Map 1781 B4 A map of east and west Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. Neg 5206 Bew 1781 239kb
Map 1782 C3 Carte des deux Carolinas et Georgie. Neg 5207 n.a. 1782 175kb
Map 1783 B4 Plan of the town and harbour of St. Augustin. Neg 5735 Bew 1783 106kb
Map 1783 U5 The United States of North America with the British and Spanish territories according to the treaty. Neg 5208 Faden 1783 278kb
Map 1895 T8 New states projectedin the West, 1772-1789. Neg 5615 Turner 1895 126kb


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