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Rare Map Collection - Frontier to New South

Map No. Map Name & Negative Number Author (year) File size
Map 1794 G4 Georgia, from the latest authorities. Neg 2217 Barker 1794 216kb
Map 1796 G4 Georgia, from the latest authorities. Neg 4911 Tanner 1796 207kb
Map 1796 G42 Georgia. Neg 5817 Barker 1796? 76kb
Map 1796 M3 A map of Georgia, also the two Floridas. Neg 5816 Doolittle 1796 148kb
Map 1800 E8 An exact map of North & South Carolina, & Georgia with east and west Florida. Neg 5815 n.a. 1800? 165kb
Map 1806 T3 Carte de la Floride et de la Georgie. Neg 5241 Tardieu 1806 230kb
Map 1798 R7 A correct map of the Georgia Western territory. Neg 2687 Russell 1798 76kb
Map 1805 L42 Georgia. Neg 5812 Lewis 1812 104kb
Map 1810 G4 Georgia, from the latest authorities. Neg 857 Scoles 1810 145kb
Map 1814 L4 The state of Georiga. Neg 3806 Lewis 1814 159kb
Map 1822 Y6 Georgia. Neg 5269 Young & Delleker 1822 147kb
Map 1831 H4 Map of the states of Alabama and Georgia. Neg 5288 Hinton 1831 276kb
Map 1824 Y6 Map of North & South Carolina & Georgia. Neg 5272 Young 1824 205kb
Map 1829 G4 Georgia. Neg 3807 Young & Delleker 1828 149kb
Map 1835 M5 Map of the staes of North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia. Neg 5294 Mitchell 1835 374kb
Map LUMP1 Map of the Gold Placers, in the vicinity of Dahlonega, Georgia. Neg 5971 Blake ca. 1858? 225kb
Map LUMP3 Town0site of Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Ga. Neg 5259 n.a. n.d. 126kb
Map 1882 H3 Map of the Dahlonega gold region. Neg 5766 Hall 1882 341kb
Map 1828 G42 Georgia & Alabama. Neg 861 Knight 1828 97kb
Map 1831 B4 A map of that part of Georgia occupied by the Cherokee Indians. Neg 3598 n.a. 1831 225kb
Map 1834 B8 Georgia. Neg 4910 Burr 1834 222kb
Map 1836 G4 Georgia. Neg 5297 n.a. 1836 258kb
Map 1838 G4 Georgia. Neg 5300 Boynton 1838 311kb
Map 1851 B6 Bonner's pocket map of the state of Georgia. Neg 5818 Bonner 1851 281kb
Map 1852 T4 A new map of georgia with its roads and distances. Neg 5346 n.a. 1852 427kb
Map 1860 M52 County map of Georgia & Alabama. Neg 2530 Mitchell 1860 276kb
Map 1861 C6 Colton's Georgia. Neg 5380 Colton 1861 385kb
Map 1862 J6 Johnson's Georgia & Alabama. Neg 5393 Johnson 1862 510kb
Map 1871 B82 County map of the state of Georgia. Neg 5418 Butts 1871 365kb
Map 1877 G6 Gray's new map of Georgia. Neg 5550 Gray 1877 453kb
Map 1898 O3 Official map of Georgia. Neg 5618 State Dept. of Agriculture 1898 454kb
Map 1870 H3 Hanleiter's directory map of Atlanta. Neg 5761 Hanleiter 1870 150kb
Map 1893 S7 Map of the city of Athens, Georgia. Neg 5610 Strahan 1893 171kb
Map 1869 A3 Plot of campus, Franklin College [i.e., the University of Georgia] Athens, Georgia. Neg 5408 n.a. 1869 100kb
Map 1886 D3 Map of Atlanta. Neg 5563 n.a. 1886 208kb
Map 1894 A7 Atlanta. Neg 5611 n.a. 1894 225kb


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