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Rare Map Collection - Union & Expansion

Map No. Map Name & Negative Number Author (year) File size
Map 1784 G7 Charte uber die XIII Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-America. Neg 5215 Gussefeld 1784 289kb
Map 1785 M6 Carte generale des treize Estats Unis. Neg 5216 n.a. 1785 259kb
Map 1788 P7 A map of the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Neg 5219 Purcell 1788 206kb
Map 1788b P7 New map of the states of Georgia South and North Carolina, Virginia nad Maryland, including the Spanish provinces of West and East Florida. Neg 2103 Purcell 1788 282kb
Map 1794 N4 A new & general map of the Southern Dominions belonging to the United States of America. Neg 5225 Laurie & Whittle 1794 208kb
Map 1795 R7 Map of the Southern states of America. Neg 5229 Russell 1795 218kb
Map 1796 U5 The United States of North America. Neg 5232 Faden 1796 218kb
Map 1797 B6 Map of the southern parts of the United States of America. Neg 5233 Bradley 1797 212kb
Map 1798 R72 Map of the Southern part of the United States of America. Neg 5235 Russell 1798 168kb
Map 1799 M3 Map of the Southern part of the United States of America. Neg 5964 Phillips 1799 283kb
Map 1799 P6 Carte des Carolines meridionale et septentrionale, la Georgie, la Florida. Neg 5237 Poirson 1799 273kb
Map 1802 A7 Spanish dominions in North America. Neg 5814 Arrowsmith 1802 135kb
Map 1806 C3 A new map of part of the United States of North America, containing the Carolinas and Georgia. Neg 3307 Cary 1806 224kb
Map 1813 M4 A map of the Sourthern section of the United States. Neg 5248 Melish 1813 240kb
Map 1814 M5 Mississippi territory. Neg 5250 Shallus 1814 265kb
Map 1815 M4 Map of the country belonging to the Cherokee and Creek Indians. Neg 5252 Melish 1815 150kb
Map 1815 P5 Plan of an attack made by the British forces on the American lines in advance of Orleans on the 8th January 1815. Neg 5253 n.a. 1815 93kb
Map 1816 M4 Southern section of the United States. Neg 5255 Melish 1816 224kb
Map 1817 B3 The battle of the horseshoe, 27 March 1814. Neg 5257 n.a. 1817 150kb
Map 1821 F6 Plan of lands in East Florida purchased by Messrs. John Forbes & Co. from the Indians. Neg 5264 Forbes 1821 120kb
Map 1827 U5 United States of America. Neg 5278 Warr ca. 1827 201kb
Map 1839 B77 Map of the Southern States. Neg 5304 Burgess 1839 345kb
Map 1839 B79 Map of the United States & Texas. Neg 5305 Burgess 1839 407kb
Map 1839 M46 Map of the chief part of the Southern states and part of the Western. Neg 5308 Mitchell 1839 505kb
Map 1844 E5 Map of Texas & the countries adjacent. Neg 5330 Emory 1844 152kb
Map 1884 R6 Map of the former territorial limits of the Cherokee Nation. Neg 5561 Royce 1884 239kb


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