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Rare Map Collection - Savannah & the Coast

Map No. Map Name & Negative Number Author (year) File size
Map 1740 C8 Plan d'un petit fort pour l'Isle de St. Andre [i.e. Cumberland Island]. Neg 5723 n.a. 1740-1750? 93kb
Map 1775 S7 Georgia. Parish of St. John. Plan of the town of Sunbury. Neg 5830 Jones 1883 63kb
Map 1780 M3 Map of part of the coast of Georgia with the Savannah River. Neg 5963 De Barres 1780 134kb
Map 1770 S42 Savannah. Neg 5213 Shruder 1770 / Fries 1899 tracing 157kb
Map 1777 S3 Plan of the Forty Five and Five acre lotes in the township of Savannah. Neg 5187 McCall ca. 1777-1784 / Rockwell 1908 246kb
Map 1780 W5 Coast of South Carolina and Georgia. Neg 3302 Wilson 1780 131kb
Map 1790 S3 Map of the city of Savannah circa 1790. Neg 5220 n.a. ca. 1790 / Barnett 1886 170kb
Map 1783 B4 Plan of the town & harbour of St. Augustin. Neg 5735 n.a. 1783 106kb
Map 1818 S7 Plan of the city & harbour of Savannah. Neg 5262 Houstoun 1812 285kb
Map 1812 H6 Map of the city of Savannah. Neg 5246 Houstoun 1812 285kb
Map 1816 S3 Savannah river. Neg 5256 n.a. 1816 74kb
Map 1825 M2 City of Savannah. Neg 5275 McKinnon 1825/Rockwell 1909 156kb
Map 1855 S3 The city of Savannah, Georgia [and] The city of Charleston, South Carolina. Neg 5363 Colton 1855 255kb
Map 1856 C6 Map of the city of Savannah. Neg 6859A Cooper 1856/Rockwell 1909 349kb
Map 1872 H6 Map of the city of Savannah. Neg 5425 Hogg 1876 170kb
Map 1876 H6 Map of the city of Savannah.Neg 5439 Hogg 1876 161kb
Map 1884 H6 Georgia, Chatham Co. Map of the southern extension of the city of Savannah. Neg 5560 Howard 1884? 273kb
Map 1904 M2 City of Savannah. Neg 205 McKinnon 1800 / Minis facsimile 1904 224kb
Map 1910 H62 Map of the city of Savannah & vicinity. Neg 5635 Howard 1910 286kb
Map 1917 G3 Gardner's map of the city of Savannah. Neg 5648 Gardner 1917 230kb
Map 1930 I5 Savannah, Ga. industrial locations. Neg 5677 Industrial committee of Savannah 1930 323kb
Map 1930 I52 Industiral Savannah. Neg 5678 Industrial committe of Savannah 1930 253kb
Map CHAT CO. Sholes' map of the city of Savannah. Neg 5980 Sholes 900 247kb
Map CHAT CO2 Map of Chatham County. Neg 5981 Sugden ca. 1901 247kb
Map CHAT CO3 Savannah Chamber of Commerce map. Neg -- Hopkins ca. 1930? 293kb
Map 1837 L4 Savannah River from its mouth to the city of Savannah. Neg 5299 LeConte 1837 66kb
Map 1854 B3 US Coast Survey ... in the vicinity of Savannah. Neg 5354 Bache 1854 77kb
Map 1855 B3 US Coast Survey ... Doboy Bar & Inlet, Georgia. Neg 5357 Bache 1855 117kb
Map 1863 B3 US Coast Survey ... Sea Coast of South Carolina & Georgia. Neg 5394 Bache 1863 115kb
Map 1865 B3 US Coast Survey ... Southern Georgia & part of South Carolina. Neg 5480 Bache 1865 296kb
Map 1866 G6 America East Coast Savannah River & Calibque Sound. Neg 5483 British Admiralty 1861 159kb
Map 1871 P4 US Coast Survey ... Doboy and Altamah sounds. Neg 5422 Palmer 1871 173kb
Map 1875 B3 US Coast Survey ... St. Simon's Sound, Brunswick Harbor and Turtle River, Georgia. Neg 2615 Bache 1860 / Palmer 1875 179kb
Map 1877 B3 Map of Charleston, S.C. Neg 5548 n.a.a 1877 375kb
Map 1890 S8 Part of a plan of Tybee Island. Neg 2379 Sugden 1890 164kb
Map LIB CO. Plan of the town of Sunbury. Neg 5986 LeConte 1927 tracing 172kb


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