This contest recognizes excellence in presenting information via the research poster format. 

CURO Poster Workshop 

A good research poster isn't a research article on a 4'x3' piece of paper. Find out what makes an attractive and informative poster. Our panel of experts from different backgrounds will provide solid advice and design tips to make your poster look professional. The workshop is not required to enter the competition, it will provide valuable tips for creating professional posters.  

March 29, 2021 4-5PM  via Zoom  REGISTRATION REQUIRED  OR 
March 30, 2021 3-4PM  via Zoom  REGISTRATION REQUIRED


Open to all Undergraduates presenting posters at the CURO Symposium.

Application Process

  • Online application and poster upload Due April 7, 2021 AT NOON.
  • 1/2 page statement about your decisions and process of putting your research on a poster. Some questions to consider:
    • How did you make good use of the poster format?
    • In what ways did the format make you think differently about communicating your research?
    • Why did you choose to include these particular images, graphs, or map? How do they enhance the presentation of information and/or visual appeal?
    • How did you create the graphics? Or if you used existing graphics how did you find and evaluate those graphics?
  • Bibliography of sources cited in your research poster, including citations for any images used.


Posters and researcher statement will be evaluated for: 

  • Overall design and readability
  • Effective use of graphics to convey information and attract readers
  • How well the poster and statement exhibit understanding of the research poster as an information format. 


Award recipients will receive a certificate, something for the Awards section of their resume, and their poster will be displayed at the Miller Learning Center to make our walls a little less beige. 

Questions? email