Finding Book Reviews

Why use a book review?

Use a book review to see how others have evaluated a certain book, and to see if the critical response to the book has changed over time.

How do I find a book review?

A number of library databases include book reviews. Base your decision about which database to use on when the book was published and on the type of review source. For most of these databases, you can search by the book title; also search for the author if the title is not unique.

  • Popular and scholarly periodicals: Multi-Search covers a wide variety of popular magazines and scholarly journals. Dates vary but usually go from the 1970s to the present. After doing your search, use the 'Source Types' post-search limit for 'Reviews.'
  • Newspapers: LexisNexis Academic has full-text reviews from newspapers.
  • Scholarly journals: Web of Science indexes a large number of journals. Use the post-search limit to 'Book Reviews'.
  • Scholarly journals within one subject: America: History & Life is one of many subject-based indexes that cover book reviews (this one's for books in American history).
  • Older periodicals: Periodicals Index Online indexes book reviews going back to 1770. There are also several paper indexes to historical reviews such as the Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals, 1886-1974 available in the Reference Room of the Main Library.

The UGA Libraries have many other resources for locating book reviews both online and in the library stacks. Consult a reference librarian for help.