Finding Literary Criticism

Why use literary criticism?

Literary criticism provides analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of literary works.

How do I find literary criticism?

Literary criticism is published in books and in journal articles. You will usually find that books cover major writers and larger works such as novels, well-known plays, or collections of poems or stories. It is rare to find an entire book of criticism on a single poem or a short story. Articles are more focused; besides covering novels and plays, they can also be about poems and stories.

To find literary criticism in journals and book chapters, use these databases in GALILEO@UGA:
To search the databases from off campus, you'll need the GALILEO password

To find literary criticism in books, use the library catalog GIL-Find:

  1. Type in the title of your novel, play, story, or poem or the name of the author you are studying
  2. Change the drop-down menu from 'All Fields' to 'Subject'